What is a self-serve ad platform? 


The idea of using a platform without someone telling you what to do sounds ideal, right? Well, that’s essentially the idea of self-service – being fully self-sufficient and independent without relying on anyone else.  A self-service ad platform is the kind of technology that provides advertisements (banners) on websites in that kind of fashion – meaning they are managed independently, with no need for a guide. This is exactly the kind of ad platform Qadabra provides for you. Qadabra’s platform offers publishers the opportunity for website monetization through performance-based advertising.   What does Qadabra offer?


  • Variety of banner types: Qadabra offers all standard IAB size display banners as well as the widest selection of creative rich media that helps increase rates and improve eCPMs. Rich media like Stay Ons, Lightbox ads, and Sliders can all be found here.
  • Any Type of Device: Qadabra currently monetizes 1 billion monthly impressions of mobile web traffic, with international fill rate and mobile demand.
  • Simple Sophistication: No complicated setups. Sign up within 15 seconds, implement placements, and Qadabra will do the rest.
  • Immediate Auditing Banners can be live immediately and no need to wait for approval. 
  • Payments: While other ad platforms require high minimum payout, Qadabra has the lowest minimum payout in the market.  The payout starts at just $1. Payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer’s pre-paid MasterCard and wire transfer.
  • Dedicated Support: Qadabra has an experienced support team that consistently makes itself available to the users.

Having doubts on which format to choose? Visit and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best alternative for your banner performance!

Let your site show you the money

  • Rich media ads
  • 100% Global
  • Payout from $1

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