At the end of the day, every blogger wants to create a blog about something they enjoy…and some want to make money doing it. But, the money won’t come until people are reading and talking about the site. Traffic is everything for a blog these days — without traffic, there is no audience to share your creation.


Attracting traffic to your blog is an important step in the existence of your site. So, first, here are a few ways to increase your web traffic.  

bullet1 Publicize Your Blog

Publicizing your blog means getting it ready to be promoted to the public and then actually promoting it. 

Once you set up your blog, you should focus on building a great platform for monetization through blog optimization.

This means:

  • Quality Content
  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Adding Social Share Buttons

This is followed by promotion of the site by doing the following:

  • Sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more
  • Joining online communities that are interested in your blog topic
  • Joining online communities for tips on SEO, social media, and web traffic
  • Checking online to see what other people are doing for blog monetization
  • Collaborating and link sharing with other bloggers. 

Attracting users to your blog is an important step in the existence of your site and vital in the path to the most blog monetization.  Now that you have the traffic, we have the magic! 

bullet1 Choose Your Form of Advertising

Online advertising has become one of the proven ways to earn revenue for a blog, perhaps because it’s one of the fastest returns on investment. With ad platforms like Qadabra, having great banner ads and a good display advertising technique is just a copy and a paste away.

It’s important to have a platform where you don’t get caught up in the details.  Simple doesn’t have to mean ineffective, whether you are a small site or a big-time publisher.


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Nevertheless, online advertising, while easy and functional, is a competitive market and merely having nice banner ads is just not enough anymore.  It’s important to test different platforms and check which one fits your site best. Even using more than one is ok, if it gives you the revenue you are looking for.  Advertising is a key step in making money on your blog.  

bullet1 Choose Well-Placed Advertising

It’s all about well-placed advertising to make money! Well-placed advertising means is the idea of taking online advertising to a whole new level.  It means positioning your ad banners so that they will serve their purpose without taking away from your site and make money accordingly.   Recommendations for the best placed banners include:

bullet2 Top Fold: First impressions DO count. The banner in the top fold is the header and the first thing you see 

bullet2 Right Side: You’ve probably heard that the eyes of a website viewer always focus center and then right. This idea is very, very true! That means putting an ad on the right side of a page is extremely effective!  

bullet2 In Between the Text: This mode of ad placement is effective for logical and obvious reasons.  It’s in the middle of the text! Not only does it break up the content, but the reader is already focused on the post so it’s likely that ad will catch his attention.

Here are a few points to remember about proper and effective ad placement:

bullet2 Size matters! While the best performing banner sizes are 728X90 and 300X250, testing different sizes in order to see what’s best for your site is key. 

bullet2 Don’t crowd the page! Four to five banners are enough for one webpage. But again, the rules are different for everyone and it’s important to experiment until you figure out what works for your site.

bullet2 Get the visitor’s attention! This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t realize just how important this is to the monetization process.


– Don’t crowd the page! -

Qadabra is online advertising at its best – providing an easy and functional way to earn revenue through a self-serve ad platform. It also offers banners that fit the well-placed advertising category – ones that can be optimized and placed in areas that don’t crowd the page but get the visitor’s attention.  

bullet1 Build Your Goals


What are your long-term goals for building your blog? What kind of achievements do you want to have? Ultimately, where do you want your blog to be in the future and what does accomplishing those goals mean? Do your long-term goals include publishing e-books? Having a large number of Facebook and Twitter followers? Working your way up to large numbers of daily unique views? Earning a certain amount of money each month? Make a list and start figuring out ways to accomplish your goals.

Qadabra can help. Once you build your traffic, we have the magic.


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