Your income is dependent on the quality and quantity of the traffic you receive, the type of content your website provides, your ad placement, the ad sizes you selected and various other factors.  It’s very difficult to accurately predict what you will earn, but in general Qadabra publishers generate eCPMs above industry averages.

In general, ads placed on the top half of a webpage get more attention and therefore bring more revenues. Ads between the pages’ content may also generate high conversions.

Overcrowding your webpage with too many banners may hurt performance and affect results. It’s important to find the right balance. We recommend placing 3-5 banners on a page.

Getting the most out of your traffic can take time. You need to analyze your ad’s results based on a span of a few days, instead of focusing on daily earnings. It is very possible that while one day, eCPMs may be sky high, the next they’ll be a bit lower. This doesn’t mean the platform is failing; in fact, it means the platform is analyzing your traffic in order to generate better overall results. Bottom line, have a little patience before evaluating results and trends.