Qadabra uses the most common IAB-standard sizes: ·         728×90 ·         468×60 ·         160×600 ·         120×600 ·         300×250 ·         Pop-up

Rich media ad types are strongly recommended to increase results. With this unique format’s advanced capabilities, your users can enjoy an interactive experience and you can benefit from higher rates and improve your overall eCPMs. Qadabra enables a wide selection of rich media formats: Pop ups, Stay ons, Lightbox and Sliders.

  1. Log into your Qadabra account and go to the ‘Placements’ tab
  2. Click on “New Placement” and fill in the required details
  3. Name your new placement according to the rich media ad type you are interested in (e.g. stay on) and choose your preferred size.
  4. Click on “Create a New Placement” and contact  to request your rich media ad tag!

Once you receive the rich media ad tag by email from Qadabra’s support, simply copy and paste it within your site body.

You can choose how many ads to place on your website, according to its layout. We recommend placing 3-5 banners on a page. Placing more may damage the performance. For more information about banner positioning please visit: how to increase ad revenue