Once you’ve decided to use ad platforms as your method of monetization for your site, how do you pick which ad platform to use? After all,  there are so many.  And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Come again? Well, the market isn’t monopolized by a single global giant with strict rules and guidelines.  If it was, the general public wouldn’t be happy because they wouldn’t have a few options to choose from to find the right fit for their site. 

This is the reason one of the most recognized ad platforms in the market, Google AdSense, needs alternatives. It’s the same reason why there needs to be more than one brand of products in the supermarket.

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What website owners are looking for, to make money on their site, is an ad platform tailored to their specific needs.  For this reason, more than one option needs to be available. AdSense has policies and conditions that are not right for everyone. 

We’re here to show you the alternative and why it might be the right fit for you.

Again, there isn’t just one way. It depends on how much work you want to put in, what your niche is, and what your traffic is like. What we can say is that using an ad platform is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make money from your site.

It’s a good idea to experiment with the different methods of making money from your site, even when deciding on an ad network. Your results will give you a clear answer of the most effective method for you.

  bullet1 What does AdSense Alternative actually mean? Let’s say you’ve recently opened a new blog or website and have started to gain some followers/visitors. Your next step? Earning money from your site, of course! There are many great ways to do this, including getting set up with an ad platform that maximizes your web space and traffic.  It’s a simple way to have some steady income on the side, while you try out other monetization options Google AdSense is one way to monetize your site, but many site owners aren’t getting what they need from the platform. An AdSense Alternative is an additional avenue for website owners to make money off their website traffic.  Qadabra, one, of those AdSense Alternatives, offers an ad platform that specializes in monetizing sites and blogs, big or small, with and without content.  Their self-service platform means the website owner/blogger can set up everything himself and doesn’t need to rely on third parties to get the job done.   bullet1 Why does Google AdSense need an alternative? AdSense needs alternatives because the general public wants a free market of options where anyone can find a good fit for their needs.  Some publishers are not big enough to start with big ad networks due to their traffic or restrictions. Sometimes, all they need to make the most of their site is an alternative tailored to their specific needs. While effective for some, AdSense is not the right fit for everyone.   bullet1 What can Qadabra offer me as an alternative? You don’t need to be tech savvy to get ads on your site. Qadabra’s set-up is really simple. Just copy and paste the ad tag on your site, send Qadabra your web traffic, and it will begin optimizing your website to display the best ads and maximize your rates (eCPM). Besides optimized ads, a minimum payment of $1, and a plethora of rich media (more on that later,) Qadabra also offers an authentic personal touch through their dedicated support team, who really make themselves available to users and answers specific questions as quickly as possible. If you’ve got the traffic, we’ve got the magic. Qadabra is a simple and straightforward process.   bullet1 Which solution will pay me more money? 




All Payment models



Performance-based optimization



Immediate Registration Period   



Performance-oriented creative  




Clearly stated restrictions

Strict content policies

Accepts all CMS



Site auditing period


Up to 3 hours

Minimum payment threshold



Available and attentive support



Worldwide ad fill



Rich Media



Payment terms



Payment methods

PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer

Checks, Western Union, Quick Cash, and Rapida

  bullet1 What can Qadabra offer me that Google Adsense can’t? One of the strongest and most advanced capabilities of Qadabra is its “rich” offering of rich media. Through rich media ads and banners like Stay Ons, Lightbox ads, Sliders, and pop-ups, users enjoy an experience that increases their rates and improves their eCPM. It’s one of the best ways to upgrade your web monetization and Qadabra is one of the few to do it. Also, don’t forget that Qadabra offers a low minimum payout of only $1 and a support team that makes themselves consistently available for you: Other capabilities that Qadabra offers:

  • Performance-based optimization
  • Acceptance of all CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Three payment methods (PayPal, Payoneer, MasterCard) and Net45 payment terms
  • Immediate registration period. In other words, what are you waiting for?

That’s the beauty! There is no right answer. Test AdSense, test Qadabra and let your paycheck be the judge!  

Let your site show you the money

  • Rich media ads
  • 100% Global
  • Payout from $1

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